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Listen carefully… to rule the world.

'It's The Climb.'

Listen carefully… to rule the world.

Relationships are one of the most important elements of a healthy and happy life, including success at work, especially among the leaders [not to mention managers…].

LISTENING is the most important element to achieve an open, reliable and trustworthy relationship.


Try to sell a product without hearing the needs of customers …

Try to convince your partner to go to the theatre without hearing whether he / she wants to go to the cinema …

Try to do your job without listening to your manager …

Try to reassure your child without hearing why she was crying …

Try to negotiate, not listening to what is important to the other side …

Try to motivate team members not listening to what makes love to his work …

Etc … Etc …

We can not live without listening to others. And in most cases, we do not listen. We hear BUT do not listen.

Does it happens often that the person you are talking to is not listening to you? When your interlocutors are present only in their own thoughts, in their inner „dialogue”? They thing about something else, especially about what they are going to say in response to you. That do not listen, simply. And how many times do you do it to others? Does such talk lead to new solutions beneficial to all parties? I bet they don’t. Such parallel articulation of ideas, feelings and information, without active listening, does not help in the creation of any partnership.

Listening is an art. Great people like Ghandi and John Paul II, showed great empathy and a complete focus on their callers. You too can become such an artist! Yes,You Can.

Because it is worth it.

Listening is an integral part of communication skills. And this is especially important for leaders – generally in life, and in the work.

There are a few rules that must be followed to get pleasure from getting closer and better relationships with other people. Just listen carefully, with full empathy:

  • Cultivate that moment of life. It’s great to be able to associate with another person. Be present in this moment. Enjoy it. It is fun, pleasure and the opportunity to enrich your when you have the opportunity to meet different way of thinking and seeing the world.
  • Open your mind of what your caller communicates. Keep an open mind and concentrate on the conversation. Watch and listen to this „film” live where you are. Let the information flow to your mind, think about what you just heard. If you have a different opinion – analyse the different view. Analyse it … Surely you can learn something new.
  • Ask questions. The best way to let others express their views is to ask them questions. This will show that you are interested in knowing the feelings and views of their partners. It will also give more information about the caller and allow better understanding of this person.
  • Do not rush it. You do not have to rush to quickly convey your thoughts and ideas. Do not worry. There will be time to do it. It will be an opportunity to match what you want to say with what you just heard. Use this rule, especially when you are the boss of your correspondent.
  • Look in the eyes. Create the closest possible contact with your partner. Open larger channel trust. Create a closer relationship.
  • Rather not say something that is not needed. Sometimes our opinions and information does not „fit” into the circumstances of the conversation. Consider whether it is really necessary at this particular moment, before you say something that may be harmful or disturbing.
  • Smile. It will make this special moment will be better for your partner. And for you. If the subject of the communication is sad – smile inwardly – „I like this moment.”
  • Be natural, be yourself. Sometimes the conversation for a moment lose concentration and focus. „I’m sorry, I lost concentration for a second – what did you say? Let me be back with you my full attention. 

Such careful listening, listening with empathy, used every day will bring you amazing results!

You’ll notice that people like to talk to you, hang out, be with you.

Collaborators will understand you better.

Your boss will be pleased that you are working as prescribed.

It can help avoid crises in your relationships.

Certainly contribute to gaining close contact with your teenage children.

Listen! Because hearing is only just the beginning.

By listening attentively and with empathy you will get a better relationship.

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