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Win Public Tenders

'It's The Climb.'

Your company has an interesting product or service and Your national market is too small for you?

Especially as the private market in Your country is shrinking in the recession times?…

Don’t you know where to look for information about tenders? After all, in Europe alone, there are more than a thousand announcements every day… How can you cope with such a number?

Do you have no knowledge of how to prepare for a foreign tender?

Don’t know how to write an offer? It’s so much red tape…

Think preparing a bid is very expensive?

Don’t believe you have a chance of winning?


You don’t need to fear any longer.
Together you will succeed. I have won dozens of foreign public contracts. I know „how it’s done”.
To benefit, you can choose the services that suit your company – one, several or all of the following:
Analysis of your company’s preparedness to take advantage of opportunities in foreign public procurement.
Ongoing review of public procurement opportunities emerging in selected markets around the world, tailored to your company’s specific characteristics and markets.
As standard, a weekly email with a list of tenders tailored to the goods and services offered by your company.
Assistance in correspondence with the contracting authority, including obtaining additional details of the tenders selected by your company.
Analysis of the relevant geographical market.
Advice on the decision to participate [or not] in a particular tender.
Proposals of feasible tender tactics.
Supervising the formal process of bid preparation – we guarantee 100% compliance with the formal conditions if all our suggestions are followed.
Writing part of the offer OR Supervising the creation of the offer by your people OR reading and suggesting changes to the offer.
Checking the completeness of the entire offer.
Assisting or being completely responsible for preparing a professional look for the offer.
If you want to benefit – get in touch as soon as possible – tenders are waiting.