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Lista projektów i działań (w języku angielskim):


Change Manager and Interim HR Manager in an innovative SME in Poland.

Advising on arising procurement opportunities at international Financial Institutions  – the European Commission and its Agencies, the World Bank, EBRD, etc.

Writing proposals in international multimillion EU tenders [EBRD, DGs of the European Commission, UK].

Provided trainings on leadership, in English – based on I-L-M.co.uk certification, Level 2, to an international corporation.

Development of public sector activities, including development of offers in the international tenders [EU, UK, WB, etc.] concerning provision of IT / software development services – for the UK company.

Preparation of project appraisals to the European calls for proposals within: Horizon 2020 programme, EU Structural Funds in Poland [Operational Programme Intelligent Growth] for the Polish capital group of Internet companies.

Trainer on e-business within the project “Virtual Highway” supporting development of e-business activities among the Ukrainian students [for the Polish Ministry for Foreign Affairs; March – October 2014].

Expert in development of the Facebook game “Max Career” – the game was designed to support decision of teenagers concerning their future career and choice of relevant education they have to follow (2012; sold in 2014).

Author and Director of the project “InnoMazovia” – supporting, among others, development of the regional innovation strategy as well as building closer links between the private sector and research institutions in Mazowieckie region in Poland (financed within the European Union Structural Funds. The responsibility included design of the website and database functionalities [archived website – http://innomazovia.ecorys.pl] (October 2005 – December 2006).

Business consulting, analysis, development, legal advice, team management and training on development of corporate portal for SMEs of BRE Bank S.A (among top 10 banks in Poland). Evaluation of the results of the new portal.

Supervision and consulting on modernisation of the Website of the CBC Implementing Authority in Poland concerning mainly the regional development activities of the Crossborder Cooperation programmes, specifically on the Western Polish border – www.wwpwp.gov.pl [website not existing any longer as the client changed the domain and layout].

Management and supervision of 6 separate teams of 30 persons implementing various Internet and software projects for Elektrim S.A.